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Child at Psychologist


A Functional Behavior Assessment or FBA is a tool used to understand why a child or adult behaves a certain way in a given situation. A well constructed FBA uses different methods to understand the drivers behind behavior challenges. Several observation sessions as well as some input from parents or caregivers, is completed in a child or adult's natural environment - either school or work - to document specific behaviors for targeted modification. Based on the findings, a behavior support plan is developed that includes behavior modifications as well as redirection strategies to help minimize or eliminate targeted behaviors.


When developing an Individual Education Plan or IEP for a school age child, the Functional Behavior Assessment must be done in the school environment.  IEP goals are created based on the FBA and a Behavior Support Plan is then written to be incorporated into the child’s IEP.


Each client receives their written Functional Behavior Assessment as well as a comprehensive Behavior Support Plan.


"Tyrrea Graves is an excellent behavioral health practitioner and educator. She has the unique ability to hold space in supporting the children and families with whom she works while also successfully navigating systems that pose challenges for families living with autism. She is a talented behavioral analyst and values the strengths and expertise of the families with whom she works. Her work is exemplary and serves as a model for other practitioners to emulate." 

Kids Reading Outdoor

"We may not look at a child’s diagnosed with autism as a disability, but what their abilities are and how we can help them best."

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