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Autistic Angels Social Enrichment Services, Inc. focus is to serve the growing population of children and/or adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Our goal is to maximize an individual’s potential by utilizing evidence-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) principles to assist with establishing and maintaining functional behaviors that meet their specific physical and emotional needs.

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A diagnosis of Autism Spectrum disorder or even a suspected diagnosis can leave you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain as to how to help your child or loved one be able to function independently. Finding reliable sources to help you problem-solve unpredictable behaviors, improve social skills or help you plan for your child’s future are frequently hard to find. But for those who live in the Wilmington, Delaware area there is help available.


Autistic Angels provides Social Enrichment Services through our After School Social Skills programs, Functional Behavior Assessments and Consultation Services, and Parent Training Sessions all by our Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Tyrrea Graves MEd BCBA. 


A diagnosis of Autism doesn’t have to be a puzzle that will never be solved. The potential for a full and happy life is there. Let Autistic Angels help you solve the puzzle and unleash your child’s potential!

Kids in Preschool
"I want to tell you how much of a blessing it was to meet Mrs. Graves. She came into our lives and helped us to make sense of all that was going on with our son. She is a professional that is caring, kind, supportive, and very efficient. I can only say that because of the structured plans and tools she put into place, my son has overcome many behavioral struggles and has made tremendous progress. She is dedicated and wants the children to win and win big. All I can say is Thank you for your expertise. Our son is flourishing today and you are one of the reasons why. I cannot express my gratitude but just know that he is winning and you helped to push him to the winning circle."

"If a child cannot learn in the way we teach we must teach in a way that child can learn."

- Ivar Lovaas

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