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 Those on the autistic spectrum present unique challenges to families and professional's alike. We provide services to help you bridge the gap between observed behavior and actionable therapies.

A developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior.

Assessment and Evaluations, Behavior Management, and 1:1 Consultations

Tyrrea Graves is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Autistic Angels, Inc.


  • Functional Behavior Assessment

    Understanding why a child or adult behaves the way they do is the beginning of redirecting behaviors and building coping strategies. Learn more about the methods behind our Functional Behavior Assessments.

  •  After School Social Skills Program

    Good social skills are the building blocks of everyday success! Our program is designed to strengthen social interaction and communication skills through play and building relationships.

  • Consultation & Parent


    Our practical approach to addressing troubling behaviors through modification strategies can help you bridge the gap between managing your child and learning to understand your child.


Autism: Perfectly unique and full of potential.

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"Working with Mrs. Graves was an awesome experience; especially when our district transitioned to remote learning. She was very supportive in addressing how to meet the needs of the students as well as supporting parents with behavior interventions via Telehealth."

-Special Ed Teacher

She sees the child as who they can become and works hard to help them achieve their potential. Tyrrea’s families have the utmost respect for the work that she does and also see her as an advocate for their child.

- Clinical Manager

Mrs. Graves was knowledgeable and personable when working with our students and families. My students and I are truly better off because she was a part of our team!

- Special Ed Teacher


Newark, DE


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