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Understanding how to help our loved ones who have been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorders can be challenging for family members and friends. Our practical approach to addressing troubling behaviors through modification strategies can help you bridge the gap between managing your child and learning to understand your child.


Parent Training strategies are specific to each child’s needs. Each child receives an initial assessment followed by 2 or 3 observations. We then review the findings with the parents or caregivers and teach parents or caregivers how to replace challenging behaviors with positive behaviors.

Father and Son Playing
"As soon as Tyrrea began working with our son, there was an instant connection and we immediately saw him gain language and skills that we all knew he had. Over time, with her caring and confident style and ability to manage expectations, our son continued to make progress and maintain the skills he gained. As a dedicated and experienced professional, we highly recommend Tyrrea in providing social enrichment services."
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